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Welcome to CA Plant Services

Helping you maintain a quality plant to produce quality mix.

About Us

A team that can help you succeed

Our Team is focused on making you and your asphalt plant succeed.
Mix quality issues? We can help.
Efficiency problems? We can help.
Maintenance Issues? We can Help.
Operator Training. (Guidance) We can help.

With the vast knowledge our team has, we can be sure to help you with any of the problems that might arise on the day to day, or issues that have been plaguing your plant for years. 

Our service team is able to quickly and safely make repairs to minimize your downtime. Available 24/7, we can come in right after you shut down and be sure to have you up and running the next morning.          

Services Offered

Drag / Slat Rebuilds

Feeder Bin Rebuilds

Dryer / Drum Flight Work

Silo Repair / Lining 

Burner Tuning

Baghouse Maintenance 

Drag and Slat Repair

Drag and Slat repair is a major wear item on your plant.  Whether it's a Slat Chain that needs to be replaced, a new floor installed, or replacing a few slats, we have you covered.     
Complete Drag rebuilds are a big project that you don't need to worry about anymore.   

Feeder Bin Rebuilds

Feeder bin bottoms and walls can wear thin, or rust out, compromising the integrity of the bin. Count on us to reline, repair, or rebuild if necessary.  We also install plastic bin liners to reduce wear on the metal.  Grizzley's can help in the winter to prevent chunks from blocking the throats.  Need someone to put a new belt on overnight so you can run again right away in the morning? Keep us in mind.      

Dryer / Drum Repair & Flight work 

Drum flighting is one of the biggest keys to efficiency in an asphalt plant.  If your flighting has worn out changing the veil your efficiencies are going to drop. After years, your drum shell can start wearing thin. We are available to reline drums, replace flighting, or change flighting to help with efficiencies.

Silo Repair and Lining

Have you had your silo wall thickness checked recently? Need your silo lined? Lining your silos can increase the life of them exponentially. Before the initial integrity of the tub is gone, let us help you decide whether steel or ceramic liners are right for you.

Burner Tuning

Having your burner tuned to ensure the correct mixture of combustion gas and air is present can increase your efficiencies, and allow your plant to produce more mix faster. An incorrect mixture can lead to a dangerous situation allowing unburnt fuel to fill your baghouse. We offer an annual service to make sure that all safety's are operating as they should, and to ensure your burner is tuned properly.

Baghouse and duct Maintenance 

Having the fines constantly wearing at the ductwork and baghouse can wear holes in the iron, allowing air leaks reducing efficiencies. We can check the thickness of the entire exhaust air system, ensuring your plant is running at peak efficiency. Worn or burnt bags can allow dust to escape the baghouse causing excess wear on fans and bearings. We can help find and replace any leaking bags, or re-bag the entire house for you.

Contact Us

Call any time at 763-910-0050 or email Sales@CAPlantServices.com